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YOUR Body’s Story

Workbook Companion Guide to Naked: My Body’s Story

Why use the Your Body’s Story Workbook?

We all carry unresolved trauma in our bodies. Reading Naked may bring up memories of experiences you haven’t fully worked through yet. The Your Body’s Story Workbook is intended to support you in your healing process at whatever stage of the journey you find yourself.

Unresolved trauma = unprocessed pain. It lives on in the present in the body’s memory.

Using the Your Body’s Story Workbook as an accompaniment while you read Naked will help you to metabolize and release trauma still residing in your cellular memory.

The Your Body’s Story Workbook will help ground you in your own body as you read about my body’s story and give you tools and practices to support you to live there more fully. In fact, the Your Body’s Story Workbook is so chock full of somatically based exercises and practices, it’s a fabulous resource for everyone! Whether you’re reading Naked or not.

Each chapter of theYour Body’s Story Workbook offers the following:

  • A pre-reading exercises that will help you get present and into the
    sacred space of the body
  • Awareness building exercises while you read to track the wisdom
    of your own body and what it’s trying to tell you
  • Space for journaling and reflection
  • Guiding questions to deepen your journey
  • Post-reading practices to support you and ultimately move you
    back into the pleasure that is your birthright

Most importantly, you are in charge. Use what works and leave the rest!

Deep blessing to you on the path.

With love always,


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