Sometimes you just need a little help to reveal the body’s wisdom and heal…


How do you live fully in a body riddled with roadblocks? Naked is one woman’s unflinching and honest odyssey told with liberating insight.


Let’s work together to reveal your body’s wisdom and discover and unlock old patterns that keep you stuck.


Get more subtle in your body. Let the practice of yoga with a seasoned, intuitive, highly trained teacher take you there.

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Marcy Little is resilient. Despite the challenges of an often traumatic upbringing and adulthood, she has never thought of herself as a victim. She has made beauty instead.  When, after 25 years of language teaching, Marcy got so sick she had to leave her beloved career, healing through yoga became her new journey, and her offering to the world.

A Video Introduction to

Naked: My Body's Story

There’s nothing straightforward about giving and receiving love and entering into sexual intimacy. Even less so for people with sexual trauma. 

Naked: My Body's Story is the compelling story of one woman’s journey to live more consciously in a body that bears the scars of generations of sexual trauma and abuse. It asks the reader, How alive do YOU dare to be in your body?

Early Praise for Naked: My Body's Story

"This book was hard to put down! I feel enriched, both as a professional and as a woman in our objectifying culture, for having read her inspiring story.” Read More

"Imagine your coolest, funniest, most centered friend opening her heart to you over a luxurious, healthy meal, telling you stories that speak directly to your experiences of having a body that grows and breaks. That’s Naked: A Body’s Story.Read More

"Little writes her way through her body’s experience of being a daughter, an abused child, a sexually damaged woman, a courageous mother, a besotted lover, and an unflinching writer. Ultimately, readers will feel great gratitude for Little’s generosity in sharing with us the painful process of writing her way through the nakedness of her journey." Read More

"As a psychiatrist who has worked in the fields of trauma and recovery from abuse for over twenty-five years, I found Marcy’s story skillfully conveyed, moving, and filled with hope and humanity." Read More

Join Marcy Little for

Healing and Yoga

Is it even possible to be alive in this world and not have some form of unhealed trauma?

Heal with someone who knows the way

Unresolved trauma can live in the body’s memory for many generations. Talk therapy, which accesses explicit memory—or that which is conscious and can be talked about, understood or reasoned—only goes so far. 

The body houses implicit, or unconscious memories.

To understand and unblock trauma, we need to develop a mindfulness practice in the body. Yoga and meditation are tremendously helpful tools, but practiced alone are not always enough. Sometimes we need a guide who has already walked the steps we are embarking on. A person who is intimate with the terrain.

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