Is it possible to be alive in this world and not have some form of unhealed trauma?

Heal with someone who knows the way...
Let me help you identify, and reveal the deep wisdom of the body to heal
Based in the deep healing principals of yoga, the discoveries and tools I developed in my own intensive healing journey (detailed in my upcoming book, Naked: My Body’s Story), and the work of Bessel Van der Kolk, Pat Ogden, and Peter Levine, together we listen and discover the messages your body is giving you, their underlying wisdom and the path to healing.

Healing Sessions with Marcy Little

What is it like to live in YOUR body?

Do you have chronic pain? Do you experience symptoms that can’t be diagnosed or understood through the medical model?

Unresolved trauma can live in the body’s memory for many generations. Talk therapy, which accesses explicit memory—or that which is conscious and can be talked about, understood or reasoned—only goes so far.

The body houses implicit, or unconscious memories.

While useful at the time of trauma (defined as a life-threatening experience that overwhelms our ability to integrate it) the protective armor that allows us to survive traumatic experience often continues long after the time it is needed. These protections can later become patterns in our bodies that keep us trapped, limited and unable to fully access the goodies in our lives.

Healing outdated protective patterns in the body, heart and mind requires a body-based approach to healing.

To understand and unblock trauma, we need to develop a mindfulness practice IN the body. Yoga and meditation are tremendously helpful tools, but practiced alone are not always enough. Sometimes we need a guide who has already walked the steps we are embarking on. A person who is intimate with the terrain.

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A Little Bit About My Healing Journey


When, after 15 years, my husband’s touch could still sometimes cause my body to recoil in fear, I knew that the past still had control over my present. With the support of my deep yoga practice, a loving husband, and a wise Zen-like teacher, I embarked on a journey of consciousness-raising in the deepest realms of my body and self. In this healing journey, told in my memoir Naked: My Body’s Story, I learn to unveil, understand, reclaim, and ultimately love all the parts of my body and self harmed by generations of sexual trauma and abuse. I believe this is the journey we all must travel to “heal all the way.”

To hear about Marcy's journey and how she works one-on-one with her clients, listen to her being interviewed by Nunaisi Ma for the RISE SUMMIT

What People are Saying...

“Working with Marcy has been an incredible gift in my life at a time when I was sorely in need of healing. Dealing with grief and trauma, I felt very stuck and disconnected from my own body. I was having a hard time coping. Marcy is an amazing listener and observer. Her wisdom and deep understanding of yoga and the mind-body connection has been essential to my healing process.  She helped me learn how to feel and listen to my body—to find where my grief and pain are located.  I have learned how to sit with difficult things and how to give myself compassion and care. This has helped me get back to work. I can now approach both my professional and personal life with new tools. I honestly don’t know where I would be on this difficult journey without Marcy’s care, compassion, and expertise.” — K

“With her intuitive abilities, her compassionate presence, and a wisdom born of experience, Marcy guides one through a process of rediscovering one’s wholeness. In just the few sessions I’ve had with her so far, seismic shifts have been rocking my world – not always comfortable but truly enlightening and empowering! Slowly and surely, I’m coming back home to my Self.” P

“Marcy brings keen powers of observation, deep wisdom, and loving curiosity to every session. She weaves it all together with humor and compassion and creates a space of safety where grief and joy are equally welcome. In that sacred space she invites me to notice patterns that I was not even aware of, and guides me to accept and embrace all the many complicated parts of myself. It’s a deep and delightful practice. One of the things I love most about working with Marcy is that she sees, and helps me embrace, all the strengths and resources I possess. It’s about nurturing awareness of all the complex beauty and power of Life in a human body.” C

“When I started working with Marcy, I felt broken. I was dealing with some intense grief and trauma, and I was stuck. I didn’t know how I could handle any more. I was also so frustrated with myself that I wasn’t getting better. There was a lot of suffering and a lot of judgment of myself. I had no energy, and I felt completely disconnected from my body. Marcy opened up this space where I could get in touch with what I was feeling. She listened to me. And she taught me how to listen to myself. I learned how to notice where the grief and fear and anxiety were in my body. And I learned how to comfort myself and give myself what I need. Part of this involved learning where my patterns of behavior and reactions came from. By asking me to search for memories where I remember feeling certain sensations in my body, Marcy helped me identify pivotal moments in my life that shaped how I see the world, how I experience it, and how I react to it. She helped me see these moments in a new light. This helped me reframe some of my past and develop new ways of reacting to my present. I learned how to identify the judgmental part of myself and how to work with her. I now feel a deep sense of acceptance that life can be hard and will be hard, but that I can handle it. I feel joy again, and I also know how to take care of myself when I feel pain.

Marcy did all of this by listening, asking questions, and being fully present with me at every step. She showed me movements, rituals, breathing techniques, and other practices. She did all this with such compassion, grace, kindness, and deep wisdom. I felt cared for by a wise teacher. Working with Marcy has been one of the great gifts of my life. I hope to pass on what I’ve learned from her to others. And I’m so grateful for the peace and curiosity about what’s to come in life that I’ve learned from her.” — 

“After a life-time of vulnerability, and then a year of nearly incapacitating pain, I decided to ready myself to heal my right hip. The medical diagnosis and treatment were straight forward (osteoarthritis, treated with a hip replacement)… but the path that I had to take to encounter this development with insight, compassion, wisdom, and purpose was not one I could take by myself.

Marcy’s skill and clarity as a yoga teacher established a foundation to approach this individual work with her (which was even more welcome as my impairment made yoga – even gentle yoga – quite impossible). The transition to a body-centered, mind-attentive, word-reflective, and spirit-grounded investigation proved immeasurably valuable. Marcy could attend – with a crystalline attention and fantastic kindness – to whatever random (and mostly not-random) elements of personal history showed up in the course of our sessions. Every moment of interaction was alive with learning and application.

I felt – and continue to feel – healed in the deepest meaning of that word. And I learned about forms of healing that will, I feel confident, continue to reverberate in my life.” — 

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