Marcy Little is resilient. Despite the challenges of an often traumatic upbringing and adulthood, she has never thought of herself as a victim. She has made beauty instead.

As a language teacher for more than twenty-five years abroad and in the United States in the private sector, and at every level from university to middle school, Marcy touched lives. She saw her classroom as a laboratory in which each individual could get what they needed to blossom. Language learning was simply a vehicle for this transformation. Marcy recognized the innate capacity for wholeness in each of her students and worked towards nourishing this.

Then mold kicked her out of the classroom for good.

When her health fell apart after two exposures to mold in the classroom, Marcy smartly found her way to a local Anusara Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program. Her propensity for consciousness-raising turned inward. Things got even more real for her. Despite her long history of living consciously in her body (decades of study and performance of African Dance and the study and practice of yoga)—the deep dive of her yoga training took her in a direction that caught her off guard.

Anusara Yoga teaches us that we each have an “Optimal Blueprint.” The practice of moving mindfully in our bodies in a deep and sustained yoga practice has the capacity to speed our alignment with this blueprint and offer a profound and lasting experience of freedom and bliss in the body. To get there, whatever stands in the way or needs to be integrated must come to light. Essentially, we must become Naked to ourselves in order to heal.

As Marcy’s practice deepened her state of awareness and alignment in her body, her cells seemed to be screaming, “Look here, look here!” She discovered something substantial at the threshold, ready to come out.

A book.

The impetus for the book hit Marcy with the force of a hurricane.

A healing trip to Mexico to rid her body of the noxious effects of toxic mold exposure instead put her in touch with the lasting toxic impact of sexual abuse and trauma still living in her body. The wisdom of Marcy’s body led her face to face with scared and scarred parts of herself. It was time to give them a voice—invite them into the light where scary monsters could be seen for what they truly were, and their power taken away. If she was to live as fully in her body, her marriage, and her life as her accelerated movement towards wholeness was asking her to do, it was time to “heal this all the way.” Hence the birth of her book…


Naked takes the reader into Marcy’s compelling journey.  Each chapter brims with insight, humor and wisdom leaving the reader hungry to know what will happen next. This timely story connects and ultimately asks the reader:

How alive do YOU dare to be in your body? 

Today, you will find Marcy doing healing work with clients, helping them discover and develop for themselves the same tools she discovered and has developed (based in the deep universal healing principles of yoga and the work of Bessel Van der Kolk, Pat Ogden and Peter Levine) to heal pain, blockage and disorganized energy due to unresolved trauma in the body.  When she’s not engaged with clients, she can be found in her garden at Ecovillage or in her office reading, doing research, deep in contemplation, and writing. Marcy also offers ongoing Anusara yoga classes.

To hear about Marcy's journey and how she works one-on-one with her clients, listen to her being interviewed by Nunaisi Ma for the RISE SUMMIT

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