One-On-One Sessions

Book a Deep Yoga or Healing Session with Marcy Little

Marcy Little Yoga, The Yoga Room

One-On-One Deep Yoga Session

Are you ready to experience more freedom in your life by finding more freedom in your body? Marcy Little is a highly attuned healing yoga practitioner able to quickly identify misalignments that block the flow of energy in your physical and energetic bodies. Through direct and subtle cues to the body and the breath, Marcy will help you more deeply integrate your self with your Self. You will leave feeling more connected and with tools to enhance your daily life.

Cost: 1-hour session sliding scale $75-120

Marcy Little Yoga, The Yoga Room

One-On-One Healing Session

Do you have chronic pain? Do you experience symptoms that can’t be diagnosed or understood through the medical model?

Unresolved trauma can live in the body’s memory for many generations. Talk therapy, which accesses explicit memory—or that which is conscious and can be talked about, understood or reasoned—only goes so far. The body houses implicit, or unconscious memories. Let’s work together to unlock the body’s wisdom and bring deep, lasting, cellular level healing.

Cost: 1-hour session sliding scale $75-125. Suggested commitment of 12 sessions to get started and see true change.

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