What people say about yoga with Marcy…

I love yoga with Marcy. Each week I feel as if the theme and alignment principles that are woven into the class were exactly what I needed…or even written just for me. I’ve done many types of yoga over the years and the intimacy of this class and careful instruction has allowed me to sink into postures and improve my form in ways I never have before.

Each yoga class with Marcy is a well-scripted journey of body, mind and spirit. She leads the group with grace, intelligence and up-beat style, but she encourages each individual to find their own interpretation of every pose. “There is nowhere to get. This is not a competition. Breathe into the moment and find your own edge.” She is quick to come up with accommodations when the pose the group is doing doesn’t work for the individual. I learn so much in each class.

I love Marcy’s Saturday yoga class so much. Here’s why I rarely miss it — first in person, even now on zoom:  I leave class feeling as though I have had a massage and a workout both, often needing to write because of some poetry or wisdom she has dropped, with a feeling of reverence for the natural world, humanity, aspiring to inner and outer strength, an awakened sense of the divine all around.”

I am so grateful to be studying yoga with Marcy Little. The Gentle Anusara Yoga class is both soothing and stimulating, gentle yet challenging. I’m somewhat limited in the asanas I can practice, yet I always feel encouraged by Marcy. The reading at the start of class inspires and deepens my yoga experience. Even though the class takes place over Zoom, Marcy’s presence can be felt. She gives specific corrections and insightful suggestions. Her clear understanding of human anatomy provides a safe learning environment. As a teacher Marcy has amazingly intuitive sensing, seeing, and communication skills. I feel my life has been enriched through Marcy’s wonderful classes.


Practicing yoga with Marcy is playful and inspiring, challenging yet fun, invigorating, and deeply calming. The studio space is beautiful, classes are small, and Marcy gently pays individual attention to each of her students. There is no pressure to “be good,” and in the end, everybody feels great. As a veteran yoga beginner, I highly value and enjoy yoga with Marcy.”

I highly recommend Marcy’s Anusara yoga classes, whether you are a beginner or a more advanced practitioner.  After just three months in her class, both my body and spirit feel transformed. Marcy offers just the right amount of guidance, from close and loving attention to the angle of our toes and knees to fresh and thoughtful meditations on spiritual themes. She tailors her instruction to accommodate individual needs; offers variety and challenge in each class; and, most importantly, encourages an atmosphere of trust, serenity, humor, and joy.”

I love doing yoga at Marcy’s. Marcy’s teaching style is warm, giving, intelligent, spiritual, and funny! The studio is beautiful and nurturing too. I always leave with a smile on my face and more peace in my heart and see much improvement in my yoga form – though that never seems to be the goal.”

I have been enjoying yoga with Marcy so so much ~ I feel her love for it and the studio feels peaceful and created to hold us in a gorgeous space!”


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