Welcome to The Yoga Room

“It’s so nice to have this sanctuary to retreat to every week!” – Sherry

About the Studio

The Yoga Room is a small, colorful, welcoming space to learn and practice yoga at Ecovillage at Ithaca. While many students live here in the village, many come from outside. Expect to feel warmly welcomed by me and others in the class as you find your seat and make your way through your practice. 

About Marcy Little

Why do we come to yoga?
What brings us to and keeps us on the mat?

My journey with yoga began in the fall of 1991. A beautiful red haired woman in a white turban captured my eye. Soon, I was wearing white organic cotton yoga pants and learning the art of yoga with her on a purple mat.

What People are Saying

Practicing yoga with Marcy is playful and inspiring, challenging yet fun, invigorating and deeply calming.  The studio space is beautiful, classes are small, and Marcy gently pays individual attention to each of her students. There is no pressure to “be good,” and in the end everybody feels great. As a veteran yoga beginner, I highly value and enjoy my time at the Yoga Room!

I love doing yoga at Marcy’s. Marcy’s teaching style is warm, giving, intelligent, spiritual and funny! The studio is beautiful and nurturing too. I always leave with a smile on my face and more peace in my heart and see much improvement in my yoga form – though that never seems to be the goal.

I highly recommend Marcy’s Anusara Elements yoga class, whether you are a beginner or a more advanced practitioner.  After just three months in her class, both my body and spirit feel transformed. Marcy offers just the right amount of guidance, from close and loving attention to the angle of our toes and knees to fresh and thoughtful meditations on spiritual themes. She tailors her instruction to accommodate individual needs; offers variety and challenge in each class; and, most importantly, encourages an atmosphere of trust, serenity, humor, and joy.

I have been enjoying yoga with Marcy so so much ~ I feel her love for it and the studio feels peaceful and created to hold us in a gorgeous space!

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